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Limited Liability Partnership Registration

LLP was launched in Bharat via the “Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008”. The foremost vital advantage of a “Limited Liability Partnership” is that, one partner isn’t accountable for another partner’s misconduct or negligence. LLP is favoured by Professionals, small and little businesses that ar family-owned or owned.

Limited Liability partnership offers the advantage of “limited liability” to its  owners and at identical time it needs very much lowest maintenance. The LLP owners owners of a “Private restricted company” have financial obligation to their creditors.

And within the case of a default, banks/creditors will solely sell the company’s assets and not the non-public assets of the administrators.

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Private Limited Company Registration

Private ltd. company registration is that the preferred type of a “legal structure” for all businesses in India.

A private company will have a minimum of 2 members and a most of fifty members.

The directors of a  company have limited liability to their creditors and Banks/Creditors are allowed to sell only the assets of his company (when there’s a state of affairs of default).

More about Private Limited Company

The liabilities of its shareholders become restricted after they will raise outside funding simply. They conjointly supply stock choices to their staff (so that high talent may be brought into the company). Private company Registration may be done through Chirag & Associates (A Company registration agent) that has its offices in Noida.

Sole Proprietorship Registration

A Sole proprietary could be a business that is in hand, managed and controlled by one person. it’s one in all the foremost common type of business in Asian country, utilised by little businesses in operation within the unorganized sectors. Proprietorship is recognized by different registrations, like a service or excise registration. It’s too several shortcomings, like unlimited liability of man of affairs, and it doesn’t have continuous existence. For these reasons it’s thought-about by little merchants and traders as a business structure. Sole proprietary Registration is completed through Chirag Associates.

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Public Limited Company Registration

 For Public Limited Company Registration, the organization should have least 3 Directors, 7 Shareholders and Maximum 50 Directors and need Rs 5 Lakhs of Paid up Capital. A Public restricted organization enjoy every one of the benefits of Private Limited Company and the capacity to have quite a few individuals, ease in move of shareholding and more straightforwardness. Public Limited Registration is done through Chirag Associates.

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One Person Company Registration

An OPC is the most relevant type of business in India proposed by the Companies Act, 2013 and comprehend for a-One Person Company.

A ground breaking thought was dispatched which advances the consolidation of miniature organizations and people with innovative thoughts and to give a lift to business visionaries who can possibly start their endeavor by allowing them to fabricate a solitary individual organization.

You can undoubtedly enroll one individual organization under the layouts of the organizations Act 2013 and the laws thereto, where it was made suitable for a solitary individual organization to function as an organization without the intricacy of having accomplices. This urges more individuals to approach to start a business. The OPC is good for independent companies where the turnover isn’t probably going to cross Rs. 2 Crores. IN OPC Registration it’s critical to take note of that the chosen one or the chief ought to be Indian Resident.

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